Top 5 Craziest Political and Labor Strikes in the Last 20 Years

1. UPS Strike – 1997

Waiting for your Prime shipments from Amazon take long enough, now imagine that UPS decided that they were going to stop working.

There was an earlier strike attempt against UPS, however that strike was unsuccessful and ended up with a lawsuit against the Teamsters Union(TDU) for millions.

However, this attempt was successful. The UPS workers who were members of the TDU went on strike. Almost every single UPS worker who was a member of the Teamster Union went on strike which resulted in a loss 0f $600 million dollars to UPS.

However, in the end the Teamsters and the UPS drivers won and go the pay raise they needed.

2. NBA Lockout – 1998-1999

The NBA has a history of lockouts. This was actually the third strike to take place in the NBA and it had everything to do with salary caps. The NBA decided to cancel games and keep their players from playing in effort to make them bend to their will when it came to salary. This was the longest NBA lockout, which lasted for 204 days and shorted the regular season to 50 games per team.

3. UNAM Strike – 1999 – 2000

Tuition sucks. And tuition tends to raise, however when tuition at UNAM, a university in Mexico, threatened to go up this lead to a bloody conflict.

In the constitution of Mexico it states that all education imparted by the state is free. However, the current rector of the UNAM tried to raise tuition from around 0.02 USD to 150 USD.

This did not bode well.

The university was shut down for the better part of February through April of 1999. The “Strike General Committee” announced in late April that they would continue to keep the university closed.

In June of 1999, students tried to attempt to enter campus to resume classes which ended in violent altercations.

Finally, in February 2000, the strike escalated to a violent clash between the CGH and students and workers. 632 people were arrested during this confrontation.

4. Broadway Musicians strike – 2003

This was a strike that was very much full of drama. Get it? Because Broadway?

The League of American Theatres and Producers tried to minimize the orchestra size requirements from 24-26 to 7 and fill in the gaps with a virtual orchestra. Producers also threated to replace all musicians with a virtual orchestra if they decided to strike.

And strike they did and the “Save Live Broadway” campaign was born. All musicles were shut down except for Cabaret and those on strike picketed outside of theatres and even staged a mock funeral for live Music in Times Square.

And they had some serious star power present during their protests including Harvey Fierstein.

On March 11th, 2003 the strike ended and Broadway lit up once more.

5. Oaxaca protests – 2006

This was one of the bloodiest conflict in recent Mexican history. The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca held the city for more than seven months. Their grievances were with the state’s governor, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. They demanded the man’s removal as he was seen as corrupt and repressive. Human rights monitors accused the Mexican government of using death squads, executions, and violating Geneva Conventions standards that prohibit the attacking of medics attending to the wounded during this conflict.

Seventeen deaths have been recorded but one human rights observer claimed that there were over twenty-seven deaths during this time.

In the end, Ruiz was not forced to resign. He, however, was arrested in 2014 on charges of embezzlement.

Learn more about the biggest strike’s of all time from the video below!