5 Tips To Successfully Dirty Talk

5 Tips To Successfully Dirty Talk

If you’re not one for words but hate being the quiet person in the bedroom when you’re feeling so many things you want to express. Obviously moaning is a positive sign but sometimes it’s important to take things a little further, especially if it will turn on your partner.

Next time you want to be vocal in the bed make sure you reference this list because you don’t want to make a complete fool out of yourself when this is actually supposed to be a bonus in bed.

1. Keep your voice low and quiet:

There’s no reason to scream or try to be sexy in a monotone voice because that’s not turning on anyone. It’s important to have a sexy whisper established before you start your sex talk so you can seduce them in a proper way. Maintain a mysterious and subtle approach when you initiate your dirty talking so you can slowly work your way into saying sexier and dirtier things.

2. Lean In Close:

Make sure you’re getting in as close as possible whether you’re right on their lips whispering in between kisses or softly into their ear. The closer you are the more intense the dirty talk will seem and feel as your words will create more sexual tension and list between you two. Whether it’s from behind, on top or above make sure you’re creating the moment more intimate by diminishing the distance between you two.

3. Say What’s On Your Mind:

If you’re incredibly turned on or want to remind your partner how attracted, you are to them just come out and say it, in the most sexiest way possible. Don’t be afraid of being judged or embarrassed to be vulnerable and honest with how you feel as I’m sure your lover will be flattered by your compliments.

4. Use All Of Your Senses:

Just because you’re talking doesn’t mean you don’t have to stop with all of your other senses, so make sure you’re touching and listening to your partner as well. Think of dirty talking as a bonus to all of the sexual pleasure you’re already feeling and another way to communicate other than your body. Don’t limit yourself to only partaking in one thing at a time when in reality you can make your partner feel great using all senses.

5. Be Descriptive:

If you’re trying to describe the sexual things you want to do at that moment make sure you’re not only teasing and using foreplay to add heat but saying things that will actually turn your partner on. Be as graphic as you want, as long as your partner is okay with it, so you can add to the rush of emotions you’re already feeling. Don’t say words that you don’t know the meaning of just to sound sexual or smart, instead do a little research on specific sexual wording so you can actually know what you’re talking about.

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