Top 9 Funniest Political Cartoons of All Time

1. Police Violence

This cartoon actually ran in the ‘90s! It’s both funny and incredibly disturbing that it is still incredibly relevant today.

This was featured on the cover of The New Yorker in response to the increase in deaths by police shootings. This cartoon equates shooting as a game to the police especially by putting targets on the silhouette of a business man, child, and old lady.

2. Obama is a Terrorist

This cartoon earned The New Yorker a lot of criticism and even lead to people cancelling their subscriptions of the popular literary magazine. However, the artist and the magazine defended themselves by saying that the drawing was meant to satirize the perceptions held by people about the Obamas.

Though you have to admit it’s a funny cartoon, which features Michelle and Barak fist bumping in front of a fire fed by an American flag while clad in terrorist garb. The framed portrait of Osama really makes the image.

3. Climate Change Hoax

This must be one of my favorites. It features a man pointing to a screen with all the benefits of renewable and sustainable business, farming, and energy practices. A man n the audience stands up and objects to the whole thing (because it’s a hoax obviously) and asserts that it if it is false that we’d just be making the world better for nothing.

I mean common, this is gold.

4. Republicans vs Science

This toon comments on the GOP’s complete disregard for facts that have been proven by science. Everything from being gay to natural selection has been proven to be natural and valid time and time again, but those gosh darn republicans will be damned if they ever let their kid learn any sort of truth aside from their misinterpretations of the bible.


If you have ever traveled you will relate heavily to this cartoon.

The TSA is essentially bullshit. It has been proven that they can’t even detect half of the stuff that is deemed unlawful to bring into airports, much less onto planes.

A lot of people think that the increases in TSA restrictions are basically an excuse for the NSA to peak into what we got going on under our comfy travel clothes.

And hey, they probably aren’t wrong.

6. Unplanned Parenthood

Everything about this cartoon is hilarious. It’s not only a satire on the GOP’s policy on birth control, abortion, and planned parenthood but a total double whammy when it comes to the kind of people who identify with this party as well. Not to mention it condems the acts of senators who are a little more than liberal with where they stick their private parts. God forbid if they couldn’t get an abortion.

7. Mixed Nuts

I love this because it comments on how truly nuts those who believe Obama is not a U.S. Citizen really look. As much as you hate Obama, any sane person has to admit that they would look pretty stupid running around protesting Obama for not being a citizen.