Top 5 Funniest Political Bumper Stickers

Top 5 Funniest Political Bumper Stickers

Everyone loves a good bumper sticker. 

Okay, maybe not everyone. Granted, they can be pretty stupid, but some are actually clever enough to make you laugh, and those are the ones we enjoy seeing. What better way to display your humorous wit than with a political bumper sticker? Politics make for great jokes (just look at our president!), and if you don’t have a stick up your butt, even the ones about your party can be pretty hilarious. 

Voting is Like Driving a Car…

Voting is like driving a car, choose (R) to go backward, choose (D) to go forward 

What better way to express your political leaning than with this bumper sticker that directly references driving? This is probably the most clever bumper sticker you’ve seen that actually utilizes the act of driving to not only remind people of which position to use their gearshift but that Republicans have utterly backward ideology. 

May the Fetus You Save…

May the fetus you save be gay 

It seems that pro-lifers aren’t really so “pro-life” once you start talking about human rights for gay people, immigrants, and people of color. They aren’t too fond of saving the lives of fully grown humans who’re facing threats to their lives; they’re just concerned about the unborn ones. So how funny would it be that the seed-sized “person” they’re saving turns out to be everything they hate? Now, you could remind them how ridiculous they’re movement is with a flashy bumper sticker.

I Don’t Need Sex…

I don’t need sex, the government fucks me every day 

I’m sure we can all relate to this one. Democracy mixed with capitalism has proven to create some frustrating results that the people of this country have had to get fucked with daily. Every single person in this country can say that they feel the government has royally fucked them at some point, maybe even continuously, so this is the perfect bumper sticker to get a few honks! 

Land of the Free…

Land of the free, home of the world’s largest prison population 

Okay, this one’s probably the funniest out of the stack, and it really makes you think. The United States has the largest prison population of any other country in the world, but the media and our president would have you believe that foreign countries are evil and have horrible criminals that we shouldn’t let into our country. The way the U.S. likes to deal with minorities, clearly, is to lock them up in prison for grotesque amounts of time, not to mention the horrible conditions prisoners live in. 

Is That True?

Is that true, or did you hear it on FOX News? 

We all know by now that FOX News is entirely false, sensationalized Republican, conservative propaganda. Nearly everything said by its reporters has a spin on it that favors their party’s agenda, so most of the facts aren’t all of the details. Viewers of FOX News rarely take it upon themselves to research further, or consider the other side, so to remind them that what they hear on TV isn’t always true, slap this bumper sticker on your car and drive around town!